Stuart B. Scholer: A Reputable Discount Real Estate Agent

Based in Houston, TX, Stuart Scholer gives his minimum 2.52% to Buyers of new construction homes anywhere in Texas. NOW PAY ATTENTION HERE! His Rebates START at 2.52% of the purchase price and go UP from there. He does that by contractually expressing his Rebate as a total percentage of ALL of the cash commission paid. Not a fixed total of a percentage of the purchase price.  Neither are there any limitations, restrictions or exclusions to your Rebate!  Since 2004, "I have been working hard to help Clients acquire their dream property while still saving them money through discounts that lower the cost of their New Homes. 

Stuart B. Scholer

 is a Licensed Agent of:

5th Stream Realty, LLC

7941 Katy Freeway # 787 

Houston, Texas 77024

Broker Phone: 214-868-0707

Broker License # 9005999

Stuart’s License # 498891

Stuart’s Cell: 832-372-0434