Realtor is giving back 84% of all his commission back to his New Home Buyers. That’s a minimum of 2.52% and up to 5% of the purchase price of your new home in Cinco Ranch to use for closing costs, buy down your interest rate or in cash after closing.

Have you seen any other Houston area Realtors offering to give you, the Cinco Ranch New Home Buyer, almost all of their commission? Cinco Ranch, a 7500 acre, master-planned community, just west of Houston is developed by Newland Communities. It is very popular and is difficult to get concessions from the Builders because of the strong demand. But you can count on at least 2.52% of the purchase price of your New Home in Cinco Ranch as a realty cash back rebate or a closing cost contribution from Stuart B. Scholer if he is your Realtor.

Looking for a 2.52% Cash Back Rebate on Your New Home in Katy, Texas?

Receive a Minimum of 2.52% Rebate When You Purchase Your New Home in the Master-planned Community of in Katy, Texas
For years, Stuart B. Scholer, Realtor has been paying his New Home Buyer Clients a minimum of 2.52% rebate when they buy a new home in Texas. Frequently the realty cash back Rebate is more than 2.52% because that is just the starting point for Stuart’s New Home Rebate. Many times the cash back that is paid on a New Home purchase will be 2.75%, 3% and sometimes 4% on up to 5%. You, the New Home Buyer will receive 84% of all cash commissions paid to Stuart, by the Builder!

If you would like a current up-to-date list of New Inventory Homes with a larger than 2.52% rebate in a particular community just send me a note with the community name. If you are looking at a specific Builder then please give me that info also.

See some current examples of New Inventory Home Rebates in Cinco Ranch that are paying more than 2.52% on the right side of this page.